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  • January - Behavior Health: Helping Your Clients Maintain a Healthy Outlook
  • 2014

  • November - Transportation Services and Programs for Seniors and People with Disabilities
  • July - Orange County Senior Living Needs Survey
  • April - An Overview of the CalOptima Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
  • January - CalOptima Cal MediConnect: New Plan Combining Medicare and Medi-Cal
  • 2013

  • October - Mental Health Services in Orange County
  • Mental Health Services in Orange County Presentation

    Orange County Health Care Agency Adult Outpatient Operations - Clinic Information

  • July - Assisting Non-US Citizens Find Community Resources
  • Immigration and Benefits Presentation

    Immigration and Benefits Handouts

  • April - Adult Day Care and Community-Based Adult Services
  • ADC and CBAS Presentation

  • January - Gizmos & Gadgets: Assistive Devices & Technology for Everyday Living
  • Funding for Devices & Technology Presentation

    California State Council on Developmental Disabilities Area Board XI Brochure


  • October - Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
  • PACE/DUALS Presentation

    DUALS Handouts

  • July - In-Home Services (Public & Private)
  • In-Home Services Presentation

  • May - Multipurpose Senior Services Program: An Overview of CalOptima MSSP
  • MSSP Presentation

    MSSP Handouts

  • March - Finding Housing Options for Clients with Disabilities
  • Housing Options Presentation

    Fair Housing Handouts

    Universal Design Handout

    Community Resources Handout

    OCHA Fact Sheet - Rental Assistance for Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities Handout

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm Handouts

  • January - VA Programs & Benefits
  • VA Programs & Benefits Presentation

    Pension & Other Benefits Handout

    VA Caregiver Support Handout

    VA Visual Impairment Services

    Veterans History Project


  • November - 2012 Medicare Update and Council on Aging Orange County Programs
  • Medicare Changes Presentation

    Council on Aging Handout

    CalOptima Speakers Bureau

    OOA Presentation Request Form

  • September - Back to Basics: Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Social Security, SSDI & SSI Presenation

    Social Security, SSI, SSDI & Youth Services Handouts

  • July - Nutrition Programs for Seniors
  • Nutrition Presentation

  • May - Back to Basics: Medicare and Medi-Cal Skilled Nursing Benefits and Alternatives
  • Medicare and Medi-Cal Skilled Nursing Benefits

  • March - Making Prescriptions More Affordable
  • Prescription Presentation

  • January - Programs for Caregivers - Orange Caregiver Resource Center
  • Caregiver Resource Center Presentation

    ADRC of Orange County Partners:
    Advisory Committee Members' Organizations: